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Basque Pelota, Modalities

It´s played in 'frontones', a rectangular areas of ​​10 to 11 m in width and a length of 30, 36 or 54 meters; one of the long sides is always unlocked; the other three sides are closed with walls 10 m high. The long side wall is called "pared de izquierdas". To the right of this is the main wall against which it is mandatory that the ball and boat called 'frontis', which is a horizontal line or "fault" (usually metal to ring failure) to 1 m tall. The other short wall is called 'rebote'.


 There´s another kind of 'frontón' called 'trinquete', it has a 28.50 meters lenght, and in that along the left wall, the front wall to rebound, a roof extending inclined plane (called Share or Xare) is perfectly valid for the game. Under the hood lies a network or grid of metal or wood. The gable is joined to the right wall by placing a vertical plane inclined. In Argentina it is called "tambor" or "tambur" (in Uruguay "tambul") and is also valid for the game.  


The tradition of pelota isn´t only of Euskadi and Navarra, in Castilla a lot off towns have open 'frontones' at parks. The player of pelota is called 'pelotari'. -ari means 'person who do'.


It can be played by hand or with 'herramientas' (tools). To see and view the main modalities click on 'read more'.

CESTA PUNTA / JAI ALAI (happy fiesta)
Many 'frontones'  have in their names 'jai alai' which is used instead off 'Cesta Punta'. Its played in the longer of the frontones. Maybe you´ve seen this game on tv or in american TV series, because in Miami there are frontones and basque players (also in America). 

It plays to a basket helded at hand, catch the ball with it, slipping the ball in the basket and throw it against the frontis. You have to put the ball inside th game zone, delimited with lines (this in all modalities). There are two teams with two pelotaris.

This is the 'Jai Alai' of Miami with capacity up 10.000 persons.

In the credits of 'Miami Vice' it appeared.
In this spot of I-Phone 5.



Similar to Cesta Punta but with the basket you have to hit the ball. 2 teams of 2 players.


PALA CORTA (short) AND LARGA (large)
The first modality can be played between only 2 pelotaris. In the second there are needed 4, 2 for each team.


It plays with a basket that looks like a basket to catch butterflies. Head to head or by couples in trinquete frontón.

It plays with hands (you have to prepare them) in head to head or couples modalities. In fronton or trinquete. The rules changes and you can play in differents distances.

To make the ball you need a marble, wool and leather, it´s a handmade work.

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