Monday, 30 June 2014

Tomorrow, 1st. of July, 'Vírgen de la Guía' in Portugalete

You can go to Portugalete to inmerse yourself in the ambient of that Fiesta. It´s spectacular and drunkennes is guaranteed. They start early in the morning with the procession and continue all day in the fiesta drinking without stop in the taberns of old part of the town. 

Really it´s spectacular. People from Portugalete takes free day to live the 'La Guía' (the guide) and most of them the next day too. It´s a very beast party, cause of alcohol! Really, very funny experience.

To arrive to Portugalete you can take Metro´s line 2 or Cercanías RENFE. You can also take Metro´s Line 1 to Areeta and cross the Estuary.

 This happens at 12:00 h.

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